We offer professional installations in Canada,
the United States and Mexico, backed by extensive training and knowledge in the maintenance field.

    Our experience background includes:
over 45 years in general maintenance,
over 35 years in electronics repair,      
over 30 years in industrial electricity. 
over 37 years of computer programming,
over 18 years of Safety Engineering
and Safety Consultation !

Our Company is equipped for installing various 
types of safety components, including light guards,
light curtains, safety mats, safety cameras,
 hard guarding, safety foot pedals, safety laser units, 
and much, much more ....

Do you need machine evaulations on SAFETY ?
We do recordable stop-time testing on press brakes !

We also install or replace machine control systems !

As of Jan. 2020, we are introducing the new 
 DSP Laser 
as our newest member of safeguarding applications !​

This unique DSP Laser safety system can be installed on electric, hydraulic and hydro/electric  ( Hybrid ) press brakes which meet the qualifications of close and personal safety devices !
( Some Hydro-Mechanical press-brakes may qualify )

Make your workplace
a more safe and  productive one!
Top of the line Hardguarding customized for your needs !
Heavy Duty Sliding Door
Hinge Style Door
Durable and reliable !

Easy to use !

Easy to understand !
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The New DSP Laser Calibration Video !

Get the highest quality for the lowest cost!
Veteran Owned & Operated !
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DSP  Calibration  Video !