Our company is devoted to helping you and your employees create a more safe environment at your workplace!    We offer professional installations, to range from traditional style machine guarding, to some of the most unique and innovative safety equipment that you will ever encounter.    We also specialize in press brake safeguarding for many different brand names such as; Amada, Acurrpress, Durma, Cincinatti, Trumph, Wysong and Piranha to name a few.
We take great measures to ensure that our installations do not interfere with the manufacture's warrantee of the machine. Many types of the safety devices that we install are  known as  Stand-Alone units which monitor the machine separately from the machine control, while controlling the movement stoppage of the machine.They are also installed with a maintenance override switch which allows maintenance personel to touble-shoot the machine as if the safety device was not installed.

     Many companies claim to have Stand-Alone safety devices. Be careful when choosing, for several of them,when installed, are so far inner-twined with the electrical circuits, that it can cost you valuable down-time.
   With our systems, we can assure you, they are some of the, simplest to trouble-shoot and easiest to understand,without having to give up your high standards of safety.

 Let us help create a safe work-place for your company  !

Our Motto   Be Smart, Work Smart, Hire Smart !

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